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 Science Fair Display Board

Congratulations! You are almost done with your project. One of the most important steps of the Scientific Method is to communicate your results with others. Everything should be neat, clean, organized and professional looking.

The display board may be cardboard, wood, or foam board. It should be able to stand up on the table without any support needed.

Check off each requirement below to make sure you have included all requirements on yourtri-board:

1.   Title must be no larger than 4 inch lettering

2.   Purpose- in 2-3 sentences

3.   Question- state your problem in question form

4.   Hypothesis- one sentence written in “If…then…because” format

5.   Research- 10 or more facts that are not related directly to your experiment results, but tell information about your question.

6.   List of Materials

7.   Procedure- should be numbered

8.   Results- data should be in a table with a graph

9.   Conclusion- give a few sentence telling if your hypothesis was correct and a second sentence telling why or why not.

10.                     Pictures of your experiment

11.                     Bibliography- citations in correct format

Extra- display samples or objects used in front of the board

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