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 8th grade Science                            Sue Watters                            Pickens County Middle School

Teacher and Students Expectations

 Parents can expect me to keep them updated in respect to their child’s progress via Infinite Campus Gradebook. Grades will be entered weekly; students are encouraged to see me regarding questions and/or concerns about a grade. Parents, although I will be happy to discuss your child's grades with you, please encourage your child to take responsibility for their grades by speaking to me directly

I will have lesson plans posted for parent and student review each week. Lesson plans may be viewed on my Teacher Page at http://suewatters.yolasite.com/   This may also be accessed via the Pickens County Middle School Website.

I expect all students to do their work to the best of their ability and to be fair and honest. Students are expected to be punctual and prepared for class each day. Regular attendance is important to fully grasp each concept and to learn to be independent thinkers.

Students are expected to keep all work in their notebook as assigned and submit assignments on the date specified.  Missing assignments are defined as items not turned in, left at home, left in locker, or drastically incomplete assignments.  If the student is absent on the day the assignment is given, he/she will have time to complete the assignment as specified in the County student Code of Conduct. 

New Zero Tolerance Cell Phone Policy

All students will be instructed put their phones in the pocket holder located in the front of the room as they enter the classroom. Any student with a cell phone in their possession without my permission will be subject to the cell phone policy outlined on page 23 of the Student Agenda.

Course Description

8th Grade science will encompass an in-depth study of Physical Science .

Text: McDougal Littell Physical Science

                                                                                                Course Outline

This 8th grade course outline follows the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Additional information about the science standards may be found at http://www.georgiastandards.org .

Studies will involve the following:           

1st Nine Weeks- Structure of Matter

 2nd  Nine Weeks-  Forces, Motion, and Simple Machines

3rd Nine Weeks- Waves and Energy

4th Nine Weeks- Electricity and Magnetism; Review

Grading Scheme

Summative Assessment             40%

Formative  Assessment               60%

________                                ____

TOTAL                                         100%

*Daily assignments include homework, class work, participation, etc.

Absence Make-up Procedure

Any assignment and/or test announced before a student’s absence is the student’s responsibility to be prepared for that test and/or assignment the day they return to school.  Assignments will be posted daily in the classroom to help students remain up-to-date and informed.  The student must complete make-up work within the time specified by Pickens County Schools Student Handbook.

Scheduled Help

A student needing extra help may make an appointment in advance for morning or after school help.  Arrangements must be made in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Behavior Management Plan

All students are expected to adhere to the Pickens County Middle School behavior management plan in addition to the Pickens County School District’s policies listed in the student Code of Conduct handbook.

 Teacher/Parent Communication

Parents should check their child’s agenda daily to keep up with daily and long term assignments.  Please note that incomplete class work becomes homework.  Grades will be sent home approximately every 9 weeks with progress reports in the interim. Grades will be updated weekly and may be viewed via Infinite Campus.

Please sign and return. The Syllabus for each class will also be posted on my school webpage for future reference.

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